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Beers available in Keykegs

Kegs for Lindr and Portapint machines

Beers available in keykegs

We supply a wide variety of beers in keykegs from numerous craft breweries, which are suitable for use with Portapint and Lindr beer dispensers. Keykegs, and they are specifically designed to preserve the beer's quality and freshness for extended periods and work perfectly using the dispensers built in air compressor.

Beavertown Neck Oil in kegThornbridge Jaipur keg

We have partnerships with various breweries, ensuring that our customers have access to a vast selection of beers from around the world. We  pride in providing high-quality products that meet the needs and preferences of their clients.

Siren craft brew kegsNorthern Monk Eternal Kegs

Kegs are shipped directly from the breweries to our customers by courier (UK mainland only). For trade customers we are also operating as the keg company. For lager more frequent orders please visit and enquire about setting up a trade account with us.

If you are brewery interested in getting your kegs listed with us please contact us - Currentley we are only stocking brands in Keykeg or polykegs with a bag inside.


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