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What comes with a dispenser?

The drip tray, taps and pipework are included as standard with the purchase of our dispensers.

Any keg couplers are purchased separately. If you are unsure which couplers you need, please see the coupler product descriptions for which couplers you need for specific beer brands. If you need any more assistance to which coupler you require, please get in touch and we can help.

Can I change the tap handle on a Lindr?

You can change the handle on the Lindr taps, providing that the handle you are chasing to is a threaded handle.

Which keg coupler do I need?

The keg coupler you require depends on the brand of beer you are using. If you are using Keykegs you would require a Keykeg Coupler and Polykegs normally require a Sankey Coupler unless stated differently.

Any keg couplers are purchased separately to dispensers. If you are unsure which couplers you need, please see the coupler product descriptions for which couplers you need for specific beer brands. If you need any more assistance top which coupler you require, please get in touch and we can help.

Do you sell gas bottles?

We do not supply gas, just the regulators required for the use of gas bottles within your setup. Gas bottles can be purchased from local wholesalers.

What connections do I need to use Co² or mixed gas?

To connect your dispenser to use an external gas bottle, you would require the regulator for the type of gas you are using. The set up using external gas bottles looks like the below:

If I buy a twin tap dispenser can I use two different kegs at once?

The lines on our twin tap dispensers are completely separate, meaning you can have a different keg on each tap. Please bear in mind you will need a coupler per line to use both at once. 

If you don’t want to use both taps at once, you can still use just one of the lines. You can even manufacture your lines to use one keg on both taps. If you have any questions regarding set up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


When do I need to clean my lines?

What do I need to dispense Guinness or similar stouts?

In order to dispenser Guinness or any similar stouts, you will need:

◉ Nitro Creamer Tap

◉ The correct Keg Coupler (A-type for Guinness)

◉ Mixed Gas Regulator (unless using Keykegs or Polykegs)

◉ Mixed Bottle (again, unless using Keykegs or Polykegs)

We supply all the above apart from the gas bottles, which can be purchased from a local wholesaler.

Do I need a gas bottle?

Our dispensers have a built in air compressor that can create the pressure in the kegs to dispense your beer. These would great with poly and key kegs, which are plastic kegs that hold the beer in a sealed bag within the pressurised keg. The air compressor essentially squeezes the bag inside the keg to pour and the beer lasts for 6-8 weeks. We have a great selection of these on the link here.

You can use the air compressor with steel kegs, however the beer would go flat after 24 hours due to the air reacting with the beer. Therefore to increase the life of the steel keg you can use a Co2 or Mixed gas bottle rather than the air compressor. This carbonates the beer and extends the life of the keg to up to 2 weeks. We don’t sell the gas bottles themselves, just the regulators needed.

Why isn't my beer dispensing?

There could be one of multiple reasons as to why your beer isn’t pouring, not just exclusive to the below:

◉ Keg fittings - Your keg fittings may be the wrong way round. The product outlet fitting should be on the top of the coupler with the gas inlet fitting on the side fitting of the coupler.

◉ Gas - Sometimes as simple as do you have the air compressor or gas turned on.

◉ Frozen Lines - If you have run water through your dispenser with the cooler turned on, your lines may have frozen. If this is the case, completely turn your dispenser off and leave for a few hours over night to defrost. When you turn the dispenser back off, ensure the cooling dial is turned off.

◉ Blocked lines - With the yeast in the beers, you need to clean your lines every 30 days after use to ensure the yeast does not block the lines or taps and to ensure the yeast doesn’t affect the taste of your beer!

Why is my Beer Fobbing

There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing fobbing beer. Please try these basic tests first:

◉ Pressure - A common cause (especially with external gas bottles) is having too little or too much pressure in the keg. With the built in air compressors, all you need to ensure if the air compressor switch on the back of the unit is on and the keg will be at the correct pressure. If you’re using Co2 gas, ensure your pressure is set to around 23 PSI and mixed gas around 35 PSI.

◉ Gas Leak - If you have a gas leak in your lines or coupler, the pressure in the keg may drop resulting in the beer fobbing. The best way to test for a gas leak is to fill a spray bottle with water and some detergent then spray over the gas line. If you see bubbles forming at any point on the line there may be a leak in that area.

◉ Cooler - If your cooler isn’t turned on enough, you may find the beer fobs slightly.

It is very rare, however if it is none of the above, it can be the keg itself that is very foamy. If it is a keykeg you are using, you can try the below as a last attempt:

If your KeyKeg is excessively ‘fobby’ one potential solution is to ‘vent’ the keg. This is a essentially method of releasing excess pressure that may have built up in the keg due to excess fermentation or the beer being over-carbonated at time of packaging at the brewery.

Try the following steps for venting:

◉ Turn off your dispenser unit

◉ Use the pull ring on the keykeg coupler to release gas from the keg.

◉ Pull down the beer tap to let all the excess gas get released(you will lose a bit of beer here unfortunately).

◉ Leave the beer tap open for at least 2 hours. You should see big bubbles of beer coming out - that's a good sign!

◉ After 2 hours turn the beer tap off, turn the Lindr back on, then try to serve again

Can I pour non-carbonated drinks?


What spanner size is required to remove taps from the shanks on a Portapint?

C Spanner which is supplied with Lindr dispensers and soon to be supplied with Portapint.


What are your delivery times?

Our delivery times are 3-5 working days.

For our dispensers, we use a pallet service to ensure that your order is delivered in one piece and in an efficient manner. With regards to keg purchases, the kegs come directly from the breweries.

In some cases, we can attempt to organise next working day delivery and Saturday delivery (non-dispenser products) for an added cost. Please contact us via phone, email, or live chat to see if this is possible.

Can I collect my order?

All our sales stock is held in our warehouse near London Gatwick if you wish to collect. There is not an option for collection on the website, however if you contact us via phone, email, or live chat we can organise collection for you.

For collection, we would require a time frame to be given and identification to be presented for the order to be handed over. 

How can I return my order?

How can I return my order?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply email us at to advise us of your return and send the item to us in its original condition within 14 days of receipt. Returned items should be unused and must be returned in original packaging with any enclosed documentation. We will issue a full refund on receipt, excluding the original delivery charge.

Please note:

Goods will only be accepted for return if they are despatched within 14 days of delivery, unless we have notified you otherwise. The item is your responsibility until it reaches us.

Therefore for your own protection we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods. The cost of returning the item to us is your responsibility. Delivery charges are only refundable where goods are faulty and a refund is made. For all returns we recommend that customers use registered post. We cannot be responsible for items lost prior to delivery to us where unrecorded delivery methods have been used. Please retain proof of postage.

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