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Wines on taps from The Wine Keg Company

Wines on taps from The Wine Keg Company

Discover the Excellence of On-Tap Keg Wines from The Wine Keg Company

Unlock a world of premium still and sparkling draught keg wines with our extensive selection. The Wine Keg Company introduces an innovative way to elevate your events or venue with the finest wines, all delivered through a state-of-the-art keg system.

Why Choose Keg Wines?

Whether you're hosting a vibrant party, managing a bustling bar, or curating the ambiance of a sophisticated club, our on-tap wine service adds a unique touch that captivates your audience. Beyond being a conversation starter, offering still or sparkling wine through this method is not just a trend; it's a sound business decision.

Wines on tap

Benefits of On-Tap Wine Service:

Memorable Experiences: Elevate the overall experience for your patrons with the novelty of on-tap wine service.

Efficiency: Streamline your beverage service with the convenience of a keg system, ensuring quick and efficient pours.

Cost-Effective: Optimise costs and minimize waste by serving wines directly from our 20 and 24-liter Polykegs.

Exclusive Trade Customer Discounts:

Considering making keg wines a permanent fixture at your venue? We offer attractive trade customer discounts. Reach out to us for personalized consultations and explore how our keg wines can enhance your establishment.

Explore Our Range:

Discover a spectrum of flavours and varietals available in 20 and 24-litre Polykegs. From classic reds to effervescent whites, our keg wines cater to diverse palates.

Make a statement with on-tap keg wines—contact us today to discuss how The Wine Keg Company can elevate your wine service and set you apart in the industry.


View the range of wines available in keg here

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