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Hammerton - Groll Pilsner - 30L Polykeg

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Hammerton - Groll - Pilsner - ABV 4.7%

Groll Pilsner is named after the Bavarian brewer, Joseph Groll, best known for being the first brewer of the Pilsner beer. Often known as "the Father of the Pilsner" his Pale Lager has served as the inspiration for more than two-thirds of the beer produced in the world today. Groll is brewed with a mix of Saaz (Czech) and Herkules (German) Hops and lagered for over 6 weeks. The result is a clean, crisp, dry bodied, thirst quenching and refreshing lager, exactly the way it should be.

Available in 30L Polykeg

Connection: Sankey coupler required

Gas required: Keykegs will work on any gas type including compressed air. They are a perfect partner for use with a Lindr on PortaPint draught beer dispenser.

Shelf life: Long - The foil bag contained within the keg allows for a much longer shelf life than a normal beer keg, even when connected 6- 8 weeks.

Please recycle the deflated keg after use!

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