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Hire cooling for beer festival

Beer Festival Equipment Hire

Real ale cooling for beer festivals

National Mobile Bars is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of beer festival equipment for hire, including racking, cooling jackets, cradles, and more. Our equipment is specifically designed to meet the needs of large-scale events and festivals, ensuring that your customers can enjoy perfectly cooled beer throughout the event.

Beer festival equipment hire

Racking: Our racking systems are designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that your casks are kept safe and secure throughout the festival.

Cooling Jackets: Our cooling jackets are designed to keep your beer at the perfect temperature throughout the event. Jackets are easy to install and remove, making them an ideal solution for outdoor events.

Black jackets for cask cooling

At National Mobile Bars, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality equipment for a successful event. We take pride in providing our clients with the best possible service and equipment, and we are committed to ensuring that your beer festival is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment hire services and how we can help make your event a success.

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