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Anspach & Hobday - The IPA - 30L Keykeg

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Anspach & Hobday - The IPA - ABV 6%

India Pale Ales were born in 18th century Britain. The style has since been on a journey of development and diversification. Our IPA is inspired by those from the West Coast of America. Brewed in London with British malt and American & Australian hops (Summit, Enigma % Ekuanot), it is dank, resinous and fruit forward. Store cold and drink fresh.

Available in 30L Keykeg

Connection: Keykeg coupler required

Gas required: Keykegs will work on any gas type including compressed air. They are a perfect partner for use with a Lindr on PortaPint draught beer dispenser.

Shelf life: Long - The foil bag contained within the keg allows for a much longer shelf life than a normal beer keg, even when connected 6- 8 weeks.

Also available from our wholesale sister company, The Keg Company.

Please recycle the deflated keg after use!

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