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Lindr VK 30 Mini Air Compressor

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Lindr VK 30 Mini Air Compressor

Structurally unique and reliable air compressor with surprising amount of power. Very small size and low weight enables easy handling and use. Smooth pressure regulation and simple connection is ensured via a JG fitting. Molecule filter on the input guarantees entry of clean air. Works well with keykegs and bag type polykegs (maximum 3 at a time). No need to take gas bottles when using these compressors for outside events.

    Product Information

    Output or performance (in litre/hour): 140L/hr

    Regulation of the air compressor (Bar): Regulation 1,0-4,2


    Weight: 4.5kg

    Amperage: 0,50 A

    Wattage: 115w

    Dimensions: 227mm x 331mm x 426mm


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